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Welcome to my new blog!

This is a blog where Sylvs and I can write posts on ideas and how to get ideas for stories.

I’m also hoping that Sylvs and I can write a story together! YAY!


So I thought, since this is a brand new blog, I’d introduce myself. I’m going to use questions I find on the internet, and also some from @eriinfisher!

  1. What’s your full name?

So my parents don’t want me to actually answer this properly…… my name is Zoe, and when writing stories I use two different pseudonyms – CaeliaVesta and Zoe Nightshade. Yeah I know I’m weird, but I don’t really care. ; P

2. What does your name mean and were you named after anyone?

Zoe is Greek (YAY) and means life. My middle name (which is remaining secret), is a Bible name. My last name is also staying secret, so I’ll use Nightshade instead. Nightshade is actually another name for the plant “belladonna”, which is also a poison. So…. yeah. That’s sort of my name… Also I was NOT named after anyone, unless you count having a Bible name.

3. Where are you from?

I live in Western Sydney, NSW! It’s loads of fun, and I even have a farm at my school!

4. Favourite things about myself?

Honestly? Probably the fact that I can read a 600pg book in about a day, provided that I can spend the whole day actually reading. That and the fact that I generally get pretty good marks at school.

5. Biggest fear?

Probably either failing, or being abandoned. That sounds really weird, but I’ve always had a fear that I’d never be good enough/that I’d fail, and I hate being abandoned and betrayed. I’m a very loyal person, so I hate feeling like my friends don’t care about me or don’t trust me.

6. Which parent am I closer to?

Well I got my body shape and face shape and stuff from my dad, but my hair colour, eye colour and stuff from my mum. I also got my dad’s eye problems. But honestly I’m definitely closer to my mum, because she’s always been the one I can talk to.

7. Eye colour?

DARK brown. But I have glasses (just like Erin), so you can’t tell if they’re brown or black half the time.

8. Favourite colour and favourite ice cream flavour?

Colour – blue. But I like wearing blacks and whites as well.

Ice cream flavour – mint choc chip. Boring I know, but I don’t have ice cream often enough to know heaps of different flavours.

9. Favourite snack?

I have no idea………

10. Favourite way to pass time?


11. Am I a good cook?

I don’t know. I can cook some stuff, but I don’t know.

12. How many countries have I been to?

Does living in Australia count…? I’ve never left Australia. Haven’t left NSW except to go to Canberra… and the ACT is surrounded by NSW anyway.

13. Age?

14, but I’ll be 15 in August!

15. (LAST QUESTION) What are you currently reading?!

Do you know how many books I’m currently reading?! TOO MANY! The ones I’m mainly reading are: Relic by Heather Terrell, and Take Three Girls by Cath Crowley, Fiona Wood and Simmone Howell.


Any other questions you want me to answer? Write them in the comments!